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Gas Fireplace Repair and Maintenance

For Fireplace installation, service & repair in Colorado Springs CO, call Furnace World.

When you think Furnace World you might think just furnaces but we also specialize in gas fireplace repair and maintenance. You see, a gas fireplace is just like your home heating system. It requires annual maintenance just like your furnace. If not maintained on a regular basis, your gas fireplace can become hazardous to you and your family and cost you money.

Gas Fireplaces cost a Fraction to Burn Compared to Gas Furnaces

According to the Governor’s Energy Office, as much as HALF of the energy used in your home goes to heating and cooling. Compared to your gas furnace, your gas fireplace costs a fraction to burn. By keeping your gas fireplace in tip top shape and performing annual maintenance on your gas fireplace, the life span will be increased and your gas bills will continue to be low.

Carbon Monoxide and Your Gas Fireplace

Colorado Springs Utilities promotes “Safety First” and encourages homeowners to have their gas-burning appliances, such as their furnace and gas fireplaces, inspected by a licensed heating contractor. The reason this is so important is because Carbon Monoxide is an odorless, silent killer. In 2011 Colorado passed a bill stating that all homes must have a carbon monoxide alarm within 15 feet of each bedroom. This is a great place to start but servicing your furnace and your gas fireplace will also ensure that you and your family are safe.

Clean Your Fireplace to Prevent Cloudy Fireplace Glass

One of the telltale signs that you haven’t maintained your fireplace for a while is cloudy fireplace glass. If not taken care of on a regular basis this residue can eat away at the glass in your fireplace and ultimately require you to spend good money replacing the glass. Part of our gas fireplace service is to clean your fireplace glass.

Gas Fireplace Maintenance Services

The Gas Fireplace Technicians at Furnace World are experienced and experts in the maintenance and repair of gas fireplaces. Our gas fireplace maintenance services include three levels from which to choose:

Level 1 — Safety Inspection $125

Includes checking for optimal & safe operation, checking for natural gas leaks and carbon monoxide drafting into home.

Level 2 — Tuneup & Safety Inspection $225

Includes removing glass and logs, completing a mechanical tune-up, wiping soot off glass and all items in Level 1.

Level 3 — Restore Package (as seen in photos) $325-$425*

Thorough cleaning of the firebox, logs, panels, and control compartments; deep cleaning of 1-pane of glass, and all items in Level 1 & 2. *Price range varies due to the severity of mineral buildup burnt onto glass.)

Gas Fireplace Repair Services

You trust Furnace World with your furnace needs and now you can trust Furnace World with you gas fireplace repairs as well. Our gas fireplace repair services have a minimum diagnostic fee to have our certified repair man troubleshoot the problem. After that, all repair costs are based on time & materials. When possible, we will give you a price before making any repairs.

To Schedule Your Gas Fireplace Service or Gas Fireplace Repair, contact Furnace World today…719-473-9276.

Gas Fireplace Maintenance and Repair Services and Gas Fireplace Glass cleaning areas include: Colorado Springs, Monument, Fountain, Manitou Springs, Falcon, and Black Forest.

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